Marvin – Kids for Africa

My name is Asimwe Marvin, the founder and executive director at Kids for Africa Sports Academy. KFA is a charity organization committed to empower and transform lives of vulnerable Ugandan children using the power of sports.

Kids for Africa envisions to develop and construct a high school in the heart of Africa which will aim at extending education opportunities to vulnerable children and bridge up the increasing rates of school dropouts among students in Uganda today.

Therefore in partnership with LY2NK foundation, the possibilities to achieve this project are high. LY2NK foundation has become a light for Kids for Africa in the world. Connecting and raising capital for the project has been geared up by LY2NK. Recently 5 aces of land have been funded and acquired through LY2NK foundation.

So we dearly appreciate you for the generosity extended towards our work, and all the personalities supporting the LY2NK foundation. You are the game changers in this project.