See the advances your contributions make.

Ever wonder exactly what your time, money, and efforts are doing to induce global change?

Your contributions are enabling LY2NK to grow tremendously. Since the creation of LY2NK Foundation in 2019, supporters have contributed over $31K CAD. LY2NK does not believe in using donations to cover overhead expenses. Therefore, this entire amount is making a direct impact on peoples’ lives.

Your support has enabled LY2NK to contribute to many outreach efforts and donate to impoverished areas.
  • Various cities in the US banded together through lunch-and-learn programs. Funds raised provided 11 teenage girls in Uganda with a year’s worth of locally made sanitary napkins. These napkins made it possible for them to attend school safely.
  • Capital raised in April 2019 paid for school exam fees for 3 low-income primary students. This allowed them the opportunity to continue their education.
  • In May, LY2NK Foundation provided a professional videographer for Kids for Africa Sports Academy (KFA) GoldCup. This enabled KFA to gain exposure and corporate sponsorship, raising awareness for the yearly KFA Soccer Tournament. Imagine what a huge difference that will continue to make in the lives of the 382 children who attended.

You have also contributed in a way that has forever changed the life of one LY2NK Team Member living in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Tuition donations made it possible for Patience Zeor Zelee to graduate from Adventist University of West Africa with an Accounting Degree. She was also gifted over six months of rent while she continues to seek employment. After recent bouts of both Malaria and Typhoid, you supplied her with enough funds to cover her hospital bills.

Building a Future

wide view of the land | Progress Update March 2020 | LY2NK Foundation

Do you remember KFA? This is the organization in Uganda, East Africa that LY2NK Foundation is partnering with to further the cause of ‘Empowerment Through Education.’ Their main undertaking is building a 30+ acre sustainable community complex including a high school.

You are providing a high school to further the education that will teach leadership and responsibility. Graduates will have a marketable skill set and be equipped to lead future generations. Entrepreneurship, clean water sources and farming will all be part of this self-sustainability model.

KFA had already purchased 1 acre towards the project, and you enabled LY2NK Foundation to purchase 4 additional acres. Though these 5 acres of undeveloped land don’t look like much now, the vision they hold for the future is an amazing sight. One recent pledge will help to completely cover the costs of a caretaker and security guard for one year.

Next Steps

Already in Phase 2, teams are currently working towards finding a solution to the waste management issue. Then, efforts will be moved toward sourcing clean water by drilling a well. Next, you will see fencing for the property and on-site storage solutions come into place. Tools, equipment and surveying will follow.

And though it is still several steps away, LY2NK is already seeking your assistance with the costs of agricultural products. This way, when the land is ready, sustainability efforts can immediately begin through the planting of crops for food.

It’s amazing how your participation has made such a huge impact in such a short time. LY2NK Foundation continues to grow. New mentor relationships made by Founder Tatiana Mersiadis and Co-Founder Darren Jacklin bring promising joint ventures. Some of these partnerships carry the potential beginnings of LY2NK Foundation’s next cause.

In order to ensure that the goals of LY2NK Foundation are met, mentors, leaders, and organizations alike are all getting involved. It’s your efforts and contributions that will enable LY2NK Foundation to achieve their goals.

How will you start your legacy of empowerment? Through your time? Your talent? Your treasures?

Click below to join LY2NK Foundation in October 2020 to volunteer in Uganda in partnership with KFA.

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