Many years ago in Uganda, Africa, a small boy sat in an orphanage. There was nothing particularly remarkable about this boy. He was one of the dozens who lived there.

One day, a man found the boy through an outreach program. He decided to adopt the boy and sponsor him. The ongoing sponsorship provided the boy with food, clothing, clean water, and an education.

For years, the man provided for the boy, changing the course of his life…but in all that time, the man and the boy never once met.

The boy went on to attend University and become a doctor. After getting his degree, he moved to London, England.

Years later, the mother of the man fell sick. She was very ill and was told that a specialized surgery was her only hope of survival. After searching for months, the man was finally able to find a doctor able to save his mother.

The surgery was successful. The man went to thank the doctor for saving his mother. As they began to talk, the doctor explained how he got into medicine. He said that he chose to dedicate his life to saving people because as a boy, someone chose to save him.

You see, the doctor had come from a third world country. He had been sponsored by a man that he had never met. A man that had made a decision to empower the life of another. And the ripple of impact that began reached out and touched the lives of many others.

Impacting Through Empowerment

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact of your decisions? What kind of impact does the choice to help someone have on their life? What kind of impact could it have on your life?

These are the reasons LY2NK Foundation chooses to empower others. Not just to help. Not just to provide resources. To empower.

Knowledge and education can never be taken away from you. Leadership skills will never lose value. Once a ripple starts, it can never be taken back.

When you choose to support LY2NK Foundation, you are choosing to give people an opportunity to change their lives. Their future. Their legacy. The world.

Years from now, when the world talks about the past, what do you want the story to be? Do you want to be part of the many that sat back and did nothing, or do you want to be a step of the movement that affected global change?

How will you create global change? Comment below.

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