Did you ever imagine yourself living in a world where people have to compete for survival? A world where, for some, advertising is the only hope of help? Where people could pick and choose who gets help and who goes without?

Every day, there are thousands of charities asking for funding. And though most of them have intent to truly make a difference… not all are created equal.

Imagine an organization that was created to not only help those it benefits but also those participating. This is the story of one such group.

One day, a teacher in Canada found herself at a crossroads in her life. She had been teaching for over 30 years. During her transition to retirement, she felt aimless. Like her life no longer had a purpose.

She met a global speaker and accompanied him on a humanitarian trip to Africa. They brought water filters to impoverished villages and gave motivational talks to local groups.

It was there in Liberia that the teacher realized her purpose. It was not at the organization’s founding years later but right there in Africa that this journey began.

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

In 2019, Tatiana Mersiadis and co-founder Darren Jacklin created the non-profit foundation Leaders Yielding to New Knowledge (LY2NK).

They seek to empower communities in impoverished areas through supporting causes. The current focus is education… but how do you use education as the first target in areas of such struggle?

You take entrepreneurs and mentors from the business world and connect them with philanthropists. Then, use all of the skills, ideas, and resources that emerge to train on-site leaders at organizations around the world.

Empowerment on a local level preserves and protects the culture. Raising up local leaders ensures that the knowledge will pass through generations, resulting in self-reliance. The goal is to end the cycle of dependence on outside sources.

Not Just Charity… Global Change

Imagine being part of a global movement. Your philanthropy funds the initial resources and projects, but the Ripple of Impact it starts reaches far beyond schools and supplies – it’s the beginning of a legacy toward global change.

Generations will learn how to take responsibility for their future through the knowledge and training that LY2NK Foundation provides. Will you choose to be part of it?

LY2NK has mapped out a plan called the “The $100 Million Pledge”. It involves 10 mentors facilitating 10 leaders. They will support 10 causes across 10 countries over 10 years, with a goal of giving $10 million USD per cause.

  • Trusting strangers with your money can be a tough step. How do you know the cause is legitimate and that the money will actually get where it should?
    LY2NK Foundation has a full transparency policy which requires that all organizations agree to necessary reporting, compliance, and accountability. They also believe that none of your donations should ever be used to pay for overhead expenses.
  • Charities are always asking for more… but you never know what the money you give is accomplishing.
    Updates on LY2NK’s organizational goals and processes post monthly. LY2NK supports specific, measurable, and sustainable solutions, so you can see exactly how your contributions have moved the needle of progress forward. Pictures and stories of the individuals you impact will show you exactly what you accomplish with your donations.
  • How do you know this is real?
    The leaders and mentors of LY2NK aren’t just figureheads – they are real people working globally to empower communities. You can experience their stories as you make a difference in their lives. Even meet them by joining one of the humanitarian trips to visit the individuals you are helping to empower.
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