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  • How Big is Your Ripple Of Impact | How Big Is Your Ripple Of Impact? | LY2NK Foundation

How Big Is Your Ripple Of Impact?

February 29th, 2020|LY2NK|

Many years ago in Uganda, Africa, a small boy sat in an orphanage. There was nothing particularly remarkable about this boy. He was one of the dozens who lived there.

  • Are Your Donations Part Of the Problem | Are Your Donations Part of the Problem? | LY2NK Foundation

Are Your Donations Part of the Problem?

February 26th, 2020|

Do you ever wonder where your money goes when you donate to a charity? You’d like to believe it goes to doing the most good, right? Bringing resources like food and fresh water to the communities that need it most.

  • Empowerment Through Econotourism | Empowerment Through Econo-Tourism | LY2NK Foundation

Empowerment Through Econo-Tourism

February 20th, 2020|

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country and wanted to go sightseeing? You usually have two options, go down to the lobby and sign up for your excursion of choice at the travel desk.

  • Whats the Hold Up a | What’s the hold up? | LY2NK Foundation

What’s the hold up?

January 8th, 2020|

Imagine that you want to build a school in an impoverished village in a third world country. What do you suppose would be the biggest challenge?

  • First Step | Your First Step | LY2NK Foundation

Your First Step

January 3rd, 2020|

Do you remember the very first step you took toward realizing your dream? All the thoughts about whether you would succeed or fail?